Q.    How old do i have to be to take theory test ?
A.      16 years old with a valid driving licence
Q.    How many questions are there ?
A.     There are 50 questions to be answered,
Q.    What is the pass mark ?
A.     The pass mark is a minimum of 43 questions correct answers
Q     What is the hazard perception test ?
A.     The theory test is in two parts the question part and the hazard perception you need to pass 
.       both parts to get your certificate.The hazard perception test is where you watch video clips of
        driving scenarios and you have to click the mouse everytime you spot an hazard the earlier 
.       you spot the hazard the more points you score.
Q.     What points do i need to score ?
A.     You can score anything from 0 up to 5. Five is the top score  you can get The maximum score
         you can get is 75 and the pass mark is 44

Driving theory tests explained

Read this before you take your theory test.
You need to take two tests before you can take a practical driving test.The first part is a theory test of which you have to answer 43 correct questions out of a total of 50.The questions cover a wide range of subjects to do with driving before and after you have passed you test.